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An awful night’s sleep and an amazing dream

Man, last night was perhaps the most brutal night’s sleep I’ve ever had. I tossed and turned and woke up feeling like I got beat up. I ached all over and had a splitting headache.

The good news is that I had a rather vivid, pleasant dream. I was visiting a childhood friend and his family in Hong Kong, not that they have ever been there as far as I know. I also saw one of my college roommates there. I now realize that my completely truthful conversation with him sounds as weird as anything else in the dream. He asked me what I had been doing and I told him that I had been in Yemen, but that my MS has kind of grounded me recently…

Anyway, it was time to leave. I was going to take the train to the airport, here’s where it gets cool. I walked down the street and got into an elevator to take me up to the tracks. Strangely, the elevator got slightly smaller as it went up. Then it started moving sideways. Just as I started to freak out, a window revealed itself and my train tickets were printed up for me! I was on the track, on the way to the main train station. Pretty cool.

At the station, I was supposed to find the area to board my particular car. The cars were similar to the old fashioned cars on trains, or maybe a carriage. They were tall, with lots of glass, and there were two benches facing each other. Cars of a certain destination would cycle through a small eddy-like area and you were supposed to jump on as it came by. Well, mine came and went, it didn’t slow down or stop for me. So I got on another, figuring that they were going to the same place anyway. But then mine came back! So I jumped off and tried to get onto the correct one.

I ended up missing both, but not to worry. There was a keypad recessed in the wall with some instructions. I punched in the general direction I wanted to go and a small compartment opened up. As I punched in my specific destination, a closet opened up so I could store my luggage and we got underway. Once again, I was in my own train car. It was pretty small, people that are claustrophobic would probably freak out, especially with the car’s inclination to get smaller as you got underway. It was also good that I was by myself, no one else would have fit.

Anyway, I enjoyed that, I like trains, and having my own car was quite a treat. Who knows, maybe sometime in the future we’ll get to experience all that for real.

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