Ahhh, that makes more sense…

    Went to my second guitar lesson today. Got a few
things cleared up and now those little squiggly marks on those lines
make more sense:-) Gotta work on my chords, I was supposed to be doing
arpeggiaeted (sp?) chords, not strumming them. It sounds much better
the right way…
    Speaking of music, I rediscovered Amazon’s free
downloads. They have a lot of music, some of it is even good! There’s a
bunch of stuff from the Hives, Rancid, and probably some less rocking
stuff too. I was on the prowl for some new stuff after coming face to
face with some really terrible music in my iTunes collection. Sexgang
children’s version of “As Tears Go By” is as awful as their name
sounds. And then there was “Kiss Kiss” by Yoko Ono where she simulates
an orgasm… I kid you not. Yes I know, but her stuff is mixed in with
John Lennon’s on Double Fantasy, some stuff slips through once in a
    What else… Oh, I bought some DVDs. That will no
doubt surprise many of you, seeing as there are very few movies that I
like. I got “Swimming to Cambodia”,  “Flamenco”, “The Venture
Brothers season 1”, and “Fandango.” I have an attraction to performance
pieces, and “Swimming…” and “Flamenco” are what those are. “Flamenco”
is  a beautiful film showing the various styles of Flamenco
singing, dancing, and playing. “Swimming” is a film version of a
Spaulding Gray monolouge. He talks about working on “The Killing
Fields” and what he learned when doing it. “Fandango” may surprise a
lot of you. It is a Judd Nelson/ Kevin Cosner film. It’s one of the few
films that I can stand Cosner, probably because he plays a real jerk…
It’s funny, and I have some good memories attached to it. Plus it was


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