I didn’t do a damn thing yesterday, and it felt really good. It was really my first down day in almost two months… I did exercise and cook, but today I get to run some of the errands that I couldn’t in Dec., like getting my hair cut. Since my usual haircutter has moved up to Frederick (I miss you already Jenny!), I’ll have to find someone else. It’s not as though I’m super worried about my hair, but it sure was nice having someone that actually cared if I looked decent or not:-) So today it’s exercising, hair cutting, laundry, Arabic lessons, and guitar practice. Not a bad day I suppose:-) I also ordered the software that will allow me to design my tube amp. Looks as though I’m going to have to install virtual PC again since these are windows only programs. I’m sure that it’ll run much better on my Mac mini than on the frankenMac or my little iBook, but I really hate XP. Oh well, gotta do what I gotta do. Have a great New Year!


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