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A slight change in plans

Well, we came back from NC today. Hanna passed by us to the west, all we got was some rain and some stiff winds, no big deal. I’m going up with Rick to Falls Church. The car situation got a little crazy and I have to go up with him in order to bring mom’s truck back. I was planning on staying there for a week or so, but my tooth is acting up. It’s the same one that i just got a new filling for. It had been annoying and really sensitive to cold, but no big deal with some pain killers. That all changed last night when it really flared up. We’re talking drenching the sheets with sweat kind of pain. It went away and it’s OK now (with some aspirin) but I’m not about to have another night like last night. I’ll take my vicoden up to Rick’s in case I have a repeat, and with any luck I’ll have this thing takes care of on mon. or tue…

So I’m not sure when I’ll get up to the DC area. One of my friends will be moving soon, so I need to get up there before too long. Maybe next week…

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