A new thing for me

    For the first time in my life I have to worry about
my fingernails. Or at least I do on my right hand, classical guitar
makes extensive use of them. I’ve always looked at guys with perfect
nails as those things people call “metrosexuals.” You know, the guys
concerend with the more feminine things like nails, shaving thie
chests, etc. So how can I still be “manly” with perfect nails? I’ll
have to muddle through I guess…:-)

    Got several cds by accident. I meant to hit the
“update cart” button after I had unchecked everything. Instead I hit
the confirm shipment button… Oh well, at least they seem to be pretty
good albums. “Diamond Dogs” by Bowie, “Rust Never Sleeps” by Neil
Young, “A Ghost is Born” by Wilco, and a best of compliation from Black
Sabbath. “Rust” is an amazing album, everyone should hear it as far as
I’m concerned… It’s nice to hear new music, it’s been a while since I
added to my collection.


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I’ve got news for you, Isaac.

You’ve been talking about basenotes, and you have Steve Madden shoes. This is hardly the first sign of metrosexuality you’ve been exhibiting.

I do not own Steve Madden shoes! I own better ones:-) I was of course joking, the basenotes thing is pretty much indefensible… I will not shave my chest however, so I’m pretty safe in my “guyness”:-)


Being A Manly Man

Easy, just paint swastikas on the nails. There will a lot of looks and comments, but you will never be called “metrosexual”.

“Patriotic, artistic, musical White Power advocate seeking woman…”

Companies love people like you, good thing you were not just joking around, imagine the music at your door.

Take care,


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