A few music thoughts

    It’s really cool having a massive music library.
There is lots of stuff on my hard drive that I haven’t heard yet and
this morning was one of those great moments of discovery. There is a
song I love by William Bell called “Every day will be like a holiday”.
It’s one of those great, old songs that no one has ever heard of. I
have always wished that someone would cover it. Turns out that someone
had, and it’s in my collection! Mojo Nixon of all people put it on his
Christmas album. Mojo isn’t exactly a musical genius, but he means
everything he sings:-)
    I’ve put my pop schlock playlist over 3 cds in my
car. I’ve been going to work listening to things like “Venus” by
Shocking Blue, “Volare” by Bobby Rydell, “Would you like to swing on a
star” by Sinatra, and a bunch of other stuff. It’s a lot of fun… Some
bands/people show up more than others, there are many with single
appearences like the ones mentioned above plus Cheap Trick, Doris Day,
The Beau Brummels, etc, and there are some that show up many times. The
three that show up the most are Madonna, Duran Duran, and ABBA. Now
that’s pop schlock!


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