It was a weird music day. First off, I heard
“Superman” by the Kinks for the first time in years. It was during the
promos for the World Series. Then I had to sit through an awful
rendition of the Star Spangled Banner sung by Michael McDonald. Whose
idea was that? It is a notoriously difficult song to sing, even for
good singers. Michael McDonald has never had any range to speak of, so
the results were predictible. Aaron Neville sang “God Bless America.”
God, was it bad. It’s only the world series, only millions of people
watching, why practice, or even get decent singers? How important could
it be?

    I’ve updated the best songs never heard on my
website. I’ve also started a section on the worst songs ever heard at a
wedding. I’m hoping that you’ll join in and send me some ones you’ve


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