Got my passport today. Egypt feels like it’s one step
closer. Last night I dreamt that I was going to school overseas, in
Russia of all places. It was the typical excitement of going and the
adventure of going dream, but I never got there…
    Ooog, I restarted exercising again, and I feel like
shit. I know that it’ll start feeling good again, but starting back up
really sucks. I kind of let myself go because of my weird schedule and
vacation, but three weeks later I’ve run out of excuses and I had to go
back to the regular exercise routine. I knew I needed to start again
because of the way my legs and back felt at the end of standing up for
8 hours straight. If I don’t keep my lower body and back in shape, I
ache all over.
    What else, if things go well, I’ll go see Giane in
her new digs tomorrow. She sent some pictures and I’m amazed what she’s
been able t do in such a small place, it’ll be good to see her in such
a good mood again. There is a chance that she’ll fall behind on her
cooking and I won’t be able to come over. She’s making desserts for a
nearby restaurant. It’s decent extra money, but it does put a crimp in
her free time.
    I’m hoping that I can churn out a couple of small
things for the web site. I’ve got some ideas on David Bowie, Black
Sabbath, and Ronald Coase (Nobel laureate in economics). I’ve also
gotten stuck writing about “composition”. I started it as a primer for
my students, but it has grown in scope and it’s getting a little out of
control. I’d like to tame that soon, but I may have to let that simmer
a little so that I can get some perspective. I’ll let you know if any of
this is ever actually put up.


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Je suis American

Congratulations on the passport. Got mine a year ago and it does feel liberating. Freedom to go anywheres, anytime I want. Oh, the savings account allows me to go anywheres, as long as it is no farther than Toledo. Still a nice feeling.

Take care,


Where is the action? Any Action?


Just saw the headline about a rocket attack on US ships in Jordan. First response: This is not good.

Second response: Great, port of call Aqaba. Unless there is a bunch of tourist hotels it would be as exciting as, well, it is hard to think of someplace less exciting.

A coworker was relating a tale about an aquaintance who worked hard in order to be posted to Diego Garcia. Man, do you know how hard it usually is to get that into a conversation? Opportunity knocks, so related some sea stories from my thankfully short stay there.

Take care,


Re: Where is the action? Any Action?

Hmm, my first thought when I hear about Aqaba is Laurence of Arabia. “We have taken Aqaba.” The first thing I think of when I hear Diego Garcia is”Where’s my atlas? That’s gotta be at the end of the Earth…”


Spitkit Island

Walking off the plane on Diego Garcia:

Hot. Humid. Ye-Gods this place is hot. And humid. Standing in line at the check in desk at appx 11pm:

Check-In Clerk: OK, you go out that door, take a left, go past the old latrine until you come to a rotted tree that has fallen over the ditch. Cross over the tree, go past the pile of rusting parts, take the second right and that’s your barracks. Don’t get lost, there aren’t any lights.

Very Senior-Ranked Checking In Guy : Wait a minute! You want me to (repeats the above)?

Clerk: Yeah, what do you want, this is (deleted) Diego Garcia God Dammit!

Set the whole tone to the place.

Take care,


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