A little while ago a woman passed a stolen credit
card for hers at the store. I was the lucky one who helped her and got
fooled by her. She ended up with about $1600 worth of camera gear. The
police came by and asked me about the whole thing. Turns out I was one
of the few people that paid any attention to her and I was the only one
that had some definate memory of her. Lucky for me that I have a thing
for women with short hair:-)
    Anyway, they sent a sketch artist over to see if I
could come up with some sort of likeness. Let me tell you, it’s tough
to remember someone from a month ago, even if you do feel like you have
a good idea what they look like. I joked with the guy that if I knew I
was going to be quizzed, I would have studied harder! Anyway, we ended
up with something that looks a lot like her, except the hair. I just
couldn’t describe it well. The overall look is similar, but it isn’t
exactly a photograph. Oh well, guess you can’t expect perfection after
a month…
    It was an interesting experience and I hope it can help the police thrack her down.


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