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6 weeks with no work

No, I’m not on vacation… I’ve gone onto short term disability to do another round of physical therapy. I need to build up my strength again. I tried working and doing physical therapy at the same time last time. Didn’t work out so well. The PT wore me out so it was difficult to work. But because I was so tired on the days I didn’t go to PT, I didn’t do a lot of the exercises I was supposed to at home. I still think I got some benefits out of it but it wasn’t as much as I had hoped.

Had my first session yesterday and my gut feeling was confirmed, I need to work on my lower body. Did just a few things and I was wiped out. Was wiped out today too. Honestly, not being expected at work is a great relief to me. I had been steeling my resolve every morning for so long and I got ground down. It’s tough to mentally pump yourself up every day. Having this time away from work will allow me to get stronger and hopefully recharge me mentally.

I’m also going to use the time to get some other appointments out of the way too. I need new glasses, I need a physical, I need a haircut, etc. I have been so tired that I have mostly just hung around the house on my days off. Now I can try to catch up! 

I’m also going to try writing some more on this blog, I’ve gotten out of the habit and I miss it…

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