That’s what the insurance company is going to give me for my car. I think that will pay for my ticket, the last round of dental work, and maybe even the last camera I bought. See, things can turn out pretty well if you let them. I was wondering what to do with the car, looks like it’s been taken care of for me. I’ll sell the thing for a couple of hundred right before I leave, in the meantime, it has allowed me to ensure my financial goal for the trip will be exceeded. The Lord works in mysterious ways…:-)


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Nope, they declared it a total loss… So they paid me what they think it’s worth minus my deductible and what they think they could get for it as salvage. The car is drivable and seems safe. The only potential problem is that a bit of my “crumple zone” in the passager rear side of the car is pre crumpled. I just have to make sure that if I get rear ended, I get hit on my driver’s side… Even in the current condition, I feel safer in this car than in many cars I’ve been in in the past…


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