I’ve been thinking about this all wrong

I’ve been bitching and moaning for a while about how I don’t really like either candidate. This bailout bill is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Neither of the candidates even said, “Well, maybe we should think about this…” let alone thought that the bailout was a bad idea. Both parties were all gung-ho […]

They did it

They passed the bailout bill. I’m willing to bet that the one the House passed is actually worse than the one they rejected. SIGH. There wasn’t any party opposition at all, both were of the opinion that they needed to get it done RIGHT NOW! The parties are looking more and more alike, and not […]


I just saw an ad on youtube about voting. In it, they were essentially saying that if you don’t vote, you don’t care about the economy, education, terrorism, civil rights, etc. Using guilt to make people vote is weird. You see, I care about all of those things, but I don’t get to vote on […]