July 4h weekend

    It was really really nice. First off, I got to see
Mark for the first time in years. It’s always good to see him and the
visits have been rather few and far between. There was no traffic to
speak of going to and coming back from Dad and Butler’s. Once I got
there, there was nothing but good food and relaxing. We went sailing on
sunday. It was my first time out in a boat in 15 or so years. Incredible
weather, nice surroundings, good company, I recommend it highly:-)
Today I went out in a kayak for the first time. Dad and I went up
Cobb’s Creek a ways taking in the scenery and enjoying the continuing
beautiful weather.
    This was the first time I really understood dad’s
aversion for motor boats. We used the inboard motor to get out of the
marina and into the river. Once we cut off the engine and were under
sail, it was remarkable. There was a huge difference in the mood and
enjoyment of the passengers. I’m not used to the mode of transportation
not making any noise. We were all able to chat and enjoy the trip out. I
couldn’t believe how loud the motor boats were, even the jet skis were
annoying. The sailing seemed so civilized in comparison to the wake
inducing, loud motorcraft out on the water. I noticed this with the
kayaks too. The only noise we made was with out paddles and talking. We
had to wait for the occasional motorboat to pass by to pick up the
conversation again.
    Having said that, I have come to several
conclusions. As enjoyable as the sailing and the kayaking were, I don’t
particularly crave a repeat. I really really do not enjoy the salt air,
salt water, and the sun beating down. I feel nasty, dry, chaffed, and
tired at the end of the activities. Over the years I have instinctively
avoided most activities around salt water like sailing, swimming, going
to the beach, etc. There is something about the salt that really
bothers me at a very deep level. I wonder if my aversion to seafood is
connected to this somehow? Anyway, this realization might partly
explain why I’ve never felt overly comfortable in Gloucester or VA.
Beach. Even when we vacationed at Cape May as a kid, I spent most of my
time in the arcades… I love the deserts I’ve been to, and I really
enjoy swimming in pools, I just don’t know what’s up with the salt
thing. In any case, the company was nice, but I would have been as
happy enjoying them inside…
    My second class is tomorrow, gonna be a long day so I probably won’t post. I’ll get back on wed.


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