Good day, more pictures

We hopped on a bus and went back to the “craft village”. Beth wanted to get a few more souvenirs. I gotta say, I’m a bit disappointed. There is one place that does pretty nice glass work, everything else wasn’t much to look at. The filigree stuff in particular was a disappointment. One thing that did live up to the hype was the lace from Gozo. I’m not much of a lace fan, but this was pretty amazing. I put up a few pictures of tatting (that is what lace making is called) in action up with my pictures.

Our plan was to go over to Rabat and see some catacombs and just look at the various churches over there. The St. Paul’s catacombs are the largest open to the public. It was amazing to be able to wander around the labyrinths down there. St. Agatha’s was smaller, but better in some ways. There are frescoes down there that are really old, and they have left the bones in the graves. This freaked Beth out a bit, but you really felt that you were in the catacombs instead of a tourist place….

We were foiled in our church tour, all of the places we found were closed. We did stumble onto a Dominican priory that was really nice. It’s huge with a fruit grove in the middle of it. It was also eerily deserted. Hopped back onto the bus and went back to our place. Tomorrow we are going to attempt to see all the churches in Valetta.


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Tatting actually involves this shuttle kind of thing and hand work. The type of lacemaking that you showed may be called spindling. It is the way they make lace in Belgium. Most lace is crocheted. Still pretty.

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