A trying time…

We decided to go see a sanctuary up towards the northern end of the island. I figured out the bus route we’d have to take, one bus to St. John’s bay and then catch another one to the place we wanted. Well, the first bus let us off in a place that was not serviced by the other. We wandered around for a long time (hours) seeing the town of St. John’s and trying to find the damn bus terminal. We finally found it, but the guys running it didn’t seem to know if the bus was still running or weather we’d be able to get back. So we caught a bus back to our place (even that wasn’t as easy as it should have been), gorged ourselves on Chinese food, and bought some chocolate. So it ended well, and we did see a rather nice place, but we’re both cursing the Maltese bus system… Pics are up if you want to see the place, there was some rather dramatic lighting today,,


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