A new program, a new project

I constructed my website, what, 5 years ago? I used Rapidweaver to make it. I was happy enough with it, it did what I thought I needed to. To be frank, it was also the extent of what I could make without a much greater investment in time.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, Rapidweaver is now in the Mac App store. They are on version 5 these days. I made my website with version 3, and later upgraded to 4 but didn’t really take advantage of it. I went ahead and downloaded the newest version while it was on sale (30 bucks!) and then took a look around at what could be done with it.

Holy smokes! There has been a ton of added functionality added to it, and it looks as though it’s easier to use than ever. Looking at some of the themes available these days makes me painfully aware of how tired my site looks. It also looks like some of the things I wanted to do before but didn’t have the patience to learn how to code are now really easy to do. This along with my recent purchase of Pixelmator has made me think that I should tackle a redesign of my site this year.

I don’ t plan on doing crazy stuff to it, but now that no one is on dial up any more, I am freer to add some eye candy and make the site more interesting and dynamic. With all of the plug-ins available for Rapidweaver, the sky is the limit. I hope to add more content as well as cleaning up some of the old stuff. I’m afraid that some of the links to my more popular pages (Profit is important is the #1 page on my site) are going to get changed and my RSS feeds will change as well but I’ll worry about that when the time comes. This should keep me busy for a while, it’ll be good to flex some creative muscles after all this time.

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