Mall thoughts…

    I had to finish my Christmas shopping, and the only place I could think of going for everything was Tyson’s mall. It was pretty easy to get there, very little traffic for the last sunday before Christmas. When I did get there, I saw that some of the obvious parking places were reserved for […]

    Well, it’s over. I think I did well enough on the exam. There weren’t any major freezes on my part, unlike last time. If he grades like he did on the first exam, I’ll probably get a c. That combined with a B- on the paper should get me a c in the class. […]

    OK, sorry about the last entry. It was all but unreadable due to poor writing and nonexistant formatting, I’ll try to do better from now on…:-) Kenji says my camera is all ready, woohoo! I’m going to try to get some pictures over break with it, we’ll see how that goes. I need some […]

I win…

OK, I was hoping to get about $500 from my Ebay sale. I got over $1100!! God I love Ebay, Merry Christmas to ME! The best thing is that I didn’t sell anything that I considered valuable, just some photo crap I had around. Of course I haven’t actually gotten paid for anything yet so […]

Papers are up…

I went ahead and put my papers up on my website. There are a few economist types that stop by now and again. Even you non economist types might get something out of them… God, I just got through typing them up, now I’ve got finals next week and two days of work between them […]

“Besides, it gives me hope that someday techno will die and be forgotten.”

That’s a quote from my friend Jenny. It reminds me of something I thought of a while back. There were a lot of electronic based groups that became popular in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Almost all of them are gone now, the only one that I know of that is still around is […]