Putting things into perspective (military spending)

CATO’s Christopher Preeble makes a lot of sense in his post about Gates’s proposels for trimming down the military.   “Gates claims that the U.S. military needs to grow because the world is becoming “more dangerous.” More dangerous than what? The notion that a few hundred al Qaeda ragamuffins and their Taliban allies poses a […]


I’m not using the prefix of extra to mean larger, in this context, it means outside of. I have written before about the administration’s use of predator drones. Like I said, there is an argument to be made about pursuing folks that are actively fighting the US forces beyond the combat zone and doing away […]

Political economy Pt.1

Back in the mid 70’s, Gordon Tullock and James Buchanan wrote “The Calculus of Consent.” Its subtitle is “The Logical Foundations of Constitutional Democracy.” This book, along with his previous writings, earned Buchanan the Nobel Prize in Economics for launching the study of political economy. People have all sorts of ideas about how the political […]