Palin II

OK, let’s try this again. The point that I was trying to get across in my first post about Palin was not that she was being unfairly criticized. There are all sorts of things that I don’t like about her, and there are all sorts of things that many people might not like about her. […]

Sarah Palin

OK, right off the bat, I don’t know much about her. I know she’s not a communist, and she’s not a fascist. She sounds like she’s a little further to the right than some other republicans, but that’s probably why she’s in that party. So why the post? I am amazed at the level of […]

More on those polls

I’m still incredulous about those polls. It’s difficult to believe how much ground the democrats have given up. Here’s a really good podcast on why you should be suspicious about those polls. It’s quite in depth, and actually really interesting. I recommend it highly if you want to make some sense about all those numbers […]

My choice

As much as I bitch about the political process and politicians in general, I don’t want to give the idea that the candidate doesn’t make any difference at all. I don’t think that they can do most of what they claim that they are going to do. Even if it were all possible, which it […]

A Strange Dream

I dreamt that I had come out of something, school, work, something or other and there was a table advertising free pancakes sponsored by the Republican party. I’m no fan of republicans, but PANCAKES! So I wandered over there and sat myself down. There were three older ladies there, very prim and proper, and they […]