I went over to the localish Apple place and Apple is going to give me a new battery.. tomorrow! I was afraid I was going to have to buy a new one and I got no money right now. Anyway, they came through for me. I was lucky (?) enough to have a battery that […]

I’m back!

I am on my own computer again. I can post without it, but I really prefer to use the programs on my computer to post… A few observations: I hate Fed-ex. They may be excellent in next day deliveries, I wouldn’t know, I’ve never used them for that. All I know is that EVERY TIME […]

My plans

Everyone keeps asking what my plans are. I have been a little vague, but things are looking like they’re coming into better focus. I would like to pursue the teaching English thing, overseas that is. I really enjoyed it. After being in a job that was not what I wanted to do, having a job […]


I’ll be going down to the outer banks next week. Rick has rented out a big beach house and there will be a gaggle of people there. This includes 5 kids. To be fair only 3 of them are really running around, but that will probably be enough 🙂 Anyway, I plan on having my […]