The limits of Logic and world views

I know that I think differently than a lot of people do when it comes to things like economics, politics, and religion. What strikes me is the reactions I get from people. There is a common belief that if someone has deduced things logically, they must be right, and therefore I must be wrong. They […]

All moved in

I moved into my new room/apartment yesterday. It’s 3-3.5 times bigger, I have my own “bachelor kitchen” ¬†and my own bathroom. I’m already wondering how I lived in that cramped little room for so long… I can now use my bed for just… sleeping. It was the only furniture I had in the last room. […]

New Diggs!

I’ll be moving into a much larger room on the 1st. This is a really big deal for me. I’ve been living in an 8 foot by 10 foot room ever since I came up here. I figure I’l have about 3x the space now. I’ll also have my own bathroom, my own fridge, and […]


Wow, 40 years… 1971 really was 40 years ago wasn’t it? That makes the music I grew up with officially “Oldies” radio at this point I suppose. 40 isn’t really hitting me very hard, 30 was much worse. When I turned 30, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had wasted my 20s. I hadn’t […]


Just did my 24th loan through Kiva. I have been putting in $25 a month since September of 2009 and now things are starting to really roll. By my estimates, I have put in $450 into Kiva but have made $600 worth of loans. As people pay me back, I channel that money back into […]

Dr. Who overload!

I watched the Dr. Who Christmas special. Thought it was a great, fun episode. Nothing very deep, but Christmasy and will tide me over until the series starts up again in the spring. In addition, I got the last “Companion Chronicle” CD that I was missing. The Companion Chronicles are a series of audio plays […]

Weird dreams…

Man, woke up this morning from a dream where my mother had taken me shoe shopping. We were discussing various ergonomic shoe topics and looking at some odd looking shoes (but they were mighty comfy). Granted, I do need new shoes, but what a strange thing to dream about. I also had a strange dream […]