Give directly, a great new charity

A little while ago, Tyler Cowan put together the principles of the ideal charity. You give money directly to people, that money has no strings attached, and they shouldn’t expect it. Giving directly reduces the non-charitable cost aspect of the donation. All charities have overhead, giving directly minimizes this. If the people arent expecting it, […]

Bin Laden

I’m glad to see the general tone of reaction about his being killed being toned down a bit in the days after the event. Frankly, I was a bit shocked at the glee that had been expressed. Most of the commentators I follow have now come out and said pretty much the same thing. I […]

New website!

OK, after many fits and starts, I finally overhauled my website. This exercise has reinforced my understanding that I am not very good at website design… It’s not quite finished, I need to add some more content, but that will come as I feel like it. It’s still a really simple site, that’s by design. […]