Another month

It’s official, I’ll be doing at least another month of physical therapy. I finally feel some muscles where I didn’t have any before, but my stamina just isn’t there. Certainly not enough for a whole day’s worth. It could be worse really. I am seeing some improvement, now we just need to speed that up.

Diet update

I’ve been pretty good about my diet. I’m allowing myself one day a week to eat bread or rice, the rest of the time it’s veggies and meat. I’ve felt pretty good, very little of the usual muddy headedness and balance problems. It’s also striking what happens when I deviate from it. My father and […]

The diet

I’ve been on the diet almost two weeks now. Gotta say, I’m impressed. I think I’ve lost 6 or 7 pounds, it’s hard to tell since I don’t have a scale but my pants are now noticeably loose. My jeans had been uncomfortably tight, now I’m cinching the belt a bit more. Plus, I actually […]


Had my first physical therapy session yesterday. It was mostly an initial screening, seeing where I was and what I wanted to do etc. The physical therapist was happy with my general strength and flexibility. I kept trying to tell her that most of my problems don’t show up until I’ve been on my feet […]


Nothing will make you focus on your health like feeling lousy. November was a pretty bad month for me, missed a bunch of time at work. I’m feeling better now and I think, maybe, that a change in diet might have helped. Here’s the thing about nutrition, nobody has any idea what’s going on. You […]

Saw the doc

When I went to the doc last, I wasn’t really having one of my good days, and it sounds like that clouded my perception of what happened and the advice I was given. They still haven’t gotten back the results of the JC virus antibodies test, but regardless of what it comes back as, I […]

Judging risk

Every treatment has risks associated with it. The big, bad risk for the treatment I’m on for MS is a brain infection known by the acronym of PML. It’s pretty nasty. If you’re lucky, you die from it. The ones that don’t are pretty severely brain damaged. When I had started my treatment, it looked […]