Another resturant

Man, I love the food options here in Springfield, VA. I needed to go food shopping, but I was incredibly hungry. That’s never a good idea, so I had to eat something. I had seen this fairly non-descript restaurant with the uninspiring name of “Canton Cafe” near the Trader Joe’s I usually go to many […]

Food update

Just a quick follow up on my dining in the nearby Brookfield Plaza… I tried out Tippy’s taco house. How best to describe it? It isn’t as good as Baja Fresh, but they have Taco Bell prices and the food is worlds better than that! I had a burrito, taco, and some guacamole. Good for […]


All I had left in my larder was saltines and salad dressing, so food shopping was in my future. The problem was that I was also ravenously hungry and nothing spells a really expensive trip than going food shopping on an empty stomach, so I decided to check out some of the local restaurants. Purely […]

I made caramel!

With all this popcorn around, what better thing to make than carmel corn? It went pretty smoothly, it’s in the oven right now, I’ll be able to taste it in 20 minutes or so. I gotta tell you, this was the first thing I ever made that scared me. I had heard many bad stories […]


There aren’t many things as wonderful as good popcorn. One of the things I did for Christmas was to order some good popcorn. I’m not talking about the microwave stuff or the stuff you can find in the store, I’m talking good popcorn. Here’s what I got: I pop it up on the stove and […]


I learned to love pomegranates when I was over in Yemen. I bought a few, but they were kind of a pain to eat. I ate them over the sink by cutting them in half and then just spreading the seeds out and gobbling them down. The problem was that method was messy and they […]