Uh Oh

Following on from my last post, investors now see Estonia and the Czech Republic as safer investments than Japan. The financial markets are in disarray over there. Like I said before, this disaster is awful but they were in a precarious financial situation before. Some people will be tempted to call the financial meltdown an […]


I’m just left shaking my head over what’s going on in Ireland. We all saw the financial meltdown coming, but now the government is falling apart at the seams as well. What’s scary is that we still have Spain and Portugal to go in Europe. Scarier still is who holds the majority of Portugal’s debt. […]


I promised a separate post on outsourcing, and here it is. I started to think about this a little more carefully in the context of income disparity. Outsourcing was the one thing I could possibly think of where someone in the top 1% could benefit at the expense of someone else. I do not believe […]