Memorial Day

A big thank you to all of you that served and especially the ones that didn’t come back. I have a special place in my heart reserved for the men that fought and died for us and who did not feel they had a choice.A month or so ago, my friend David came to town […]

Prop 8

OK, now that prop 8 has been upheld, there is more legal stuff being brought to bear to overturn it again. failing that, people are promising to bring it to another vote as early as next year. This is crazy. Regardless of which way this goes, about half the population of CA will fight it. […]

Memorial day

I was watching a baseball game on sunday night when the announcer reminded us to remember the people that have voluntarily put their life in danger for their country. A fair number of them never came home, and there’s no doubt that we owe them a great deal. On this memorial day, and I think […]

Thoughts on charity

Not that I have any money right now, but I’ve been looking at different types of charities to donate to. To my mind, there are two types of charities. There are ones that are trying to prevent people from starving or some other imminent danger, and then there are ones that try to build something […]