Paper time…

OK, Geoffrey sent back his thoughts on my math paper. I was afraid that it wouldn’t make any sense mathematically, it turns out that it almost makes sense, but not quite. I’ll take that… With any luck I’ll be finished with that today and can devote the majority of my time trying to learn to […]

I figured it out

OK, I finally figured out my math paper. Turns out I was doing things properly but I didn’t understand the results. Basically it’s like this… People can give gifts any time they’d like to, and they’d feel good about it. But because they have a limited budget, they have to choose when to give. It […]

The Coase theorem…

   Well, what should have been a rather interesting class about the coase thereom instead became a libertarian forum on the role of govrnment in determining property rights. SIGH. I was hoping to learn more about it, but it seems as though every topic the professor talks about is actually just an oprutunity to espouse […]

Well I came home and found Rick’s target from his hand gun class taped onto the fridge. Damn. I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying to break in, he’s quite a shot… He invited me to go skeet shoting with him sometime. I haven’t had to deal with this in quite a while, I’ve always felt pretty […]


I saw super milk chan on adult swim and I’m happy to report that I don’t feel compelled to watch it again. I did make the mistake of watching the “Ghost in the Shell Stand alone complex” last night. It reminds me of the old max headroom tv show, anyone else remember that? It was […]