"But what does my picture really look like?"

That’s a question I got a lot when I sold photo gear and I’m still getting it now. Last night, a lady was comparing the regular glossy screen to the anti-glare one on the laptops. They do look different but she was distressed because she didn’t know which one was “right.”

*PISH* Give me a color slide any day:-) Seriously, there is something satisfying about making a physical object that actually exists. Making a string of numbers whose appearance varies considerably depending on how it is rendered just doesn’t feel the same. Or maybe I’m just old fashioned.

I do think that the analog still has a place in this world, even if it’s only in the way people think about stuff. Are we hard wired to think in an analog fashion about certain things or is it just the way we were taught?

This should be the last Monday

… That I have to go to the library to get on the Internet. If all
goes well, the Fios guys will be here next Monday (sometime between 8
and 5 grrr…) and I’ll be happily surfing away on super speed
Internet. I should also be able to watch TV on my computer assuming
that my poor MacBook will be up to it. I can’t wait to rejoin the
modern world, only one week to go!

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Film and sunk costs

I picked up all of my film when I last went to mom’s place. It’s an
impressive amount, close to 200 rolls. They were meant to be used in
Yemen but the logistics proved too difficult to be practical.

So what am I going to do with it? I still love shooting film, and I
still have nice equipment for doing that, but am I really going to
shoot that much? Some might say that since I spent the money on the
film it would be silly not to use it. I think a more rational way of
looking at it is to realize that money is gone and just look at the
costs involved in going forward.

The big problem is that the film is color. It would cost a ton to get
it developed and scanned. If it were B&W, I’d probably hang onto it. I
enjoy the process of developing B&W film and it’s a far sight cheaper
to develop to boot.

I think using the money that it would cost to develop all that film
would be better used on a new… digital camera. I know, I can hardly
believe it myself. What, you think i’d be without a decent camera? The
thing is that there are finally some good digital cameras that I think
I’d like to use. Plus, many of them are also HD camcorders, it would
be nice to try some more movie stuff after all these years. The new
Panasonic would be the safe bet, but I’m mighty intrigued with the new

So the time has come. I’m going to hang on to several of my cooler
film cameras, but I’m ready to make the switch. Anyone need a bunch of
120 and 35mm film?

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Wilco was, for a long time, a group that I enjoyed but never craved. I
owned all of their albums but I never really understood them. Then one
night while I was in Yemen, everything clicked and I’ve been truly
hooked ever since.

I wonder if something similar has happened with Pavement and me. There
are people whose musical tastes I trust that think that Pavement is
the most brilliant group ever. I could see the appeal in a slacker-
rock kind of way but I never really got into them.

Tonight, I heard their song “Brink of the Clouds/Candylad” off of
their album “Wowee Zowee” and I think I understand why they may indeed
be one of those great bands. They had me from the begining when they
started by yelling “Johnathan Peel!!!” When they went into the “He’s a
candylad, he’s a lad made of candy,” bit I nearly fell out of my bed I
was laughing so hard. I had been missing out on the humor of their
music, it makes a lot more sense now. I think I’ll give “Korea Korea”
another listen and see how late I’ll stay up rediscovering their music.

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What the vote in Maine teaches us

It shows that there are a lot of people that don’t like gay folks. It’s hardly surprising really. Here’s the thing about votes like that, at best, you are only going to make a lot of people mad no matter how the vote comes out. I sound like a broken record (skipping CD?) but this kind of politics breeds resentment and hatred. The hell of it is that there isn’t any reason for the government and its laws to be involved at all. The best way to sort out this problem is to have the government out of the marriage business. There really are some things that governments do not do well and social/religious agreements are at the top of the list.

Root canal

Had the first part of my root canal today. The procedure really wasn’t a big deal. Yeah, it did feel really odd to have the dentist essentially roto-rooting my tooth out, but that’s about it. That may in no small part be due to the fact that the nerve in that tooth has died. The pain I felt on friday and saturday was most likely the last hurrah of that nerve.

Can’t say I’m real disappointed to hear that the nerve is dead. That thing has been bothering me off and on for three years. It’s a relief to know that it isn’t going to be causing me any more pain. On the other hand, the infection that caused that nerve to die is something that needs to be taken care of, hence the root canal. I’ll be popping antibiotics for the next week and I have at least one more visit, but I’m hopeful that this will be the end of the issues for this tooth.

Like walking on stilts…

… that’s the best way I can describe the relationship I have with my feet. I can still mostly feel them, but it’s like they’re disconnected. It leads to constant balance adjustments, and you can imagine what it’s like trying to stand or walk in the dark, imagine doing that with stilts!

It is still a really odd sensation to feel something and not know where you feel it. Imagine feeling something and realizing that the sensation is coming from something 4 feet away from you. Yeah, it is that weird.

I don’t know how many times I have tried to move one of my legs only to find out I can’t. The reason is because I had crossed my legs and there was a leg on top of the one I wanted to move.

Ah, nothing beats fun with MS…